Wonder Crusher Backing Compound

Recommended for backing and bonding of wear metals in
Gyratory crusher & large cone crushers.

No melting required, just mix and pour it.

Provides highest compressive strength impact resistance

Eliminater formation of gaps beween liners & support structures.

Crusher Backing Compound is a two-part, ambient temperature curing, filler extended epoxy resin with good impact resistance and very low shrinkage and minimal filler settlement in containers. It is easily mixable and has fast reactivity and outstanding mechanical properties. It has good curing properties at lower temperature. It has backing of wear liners in all makes and models of Cone and Gyratory Crusher. Capable of facilitating extreme heavy duty crushing.

100% solid compound having high compressive strength and impact resistance for backing wear plates in primary crushers, large gyratory crushers and cone crushers for extreme heavy duty crushing. It is economical than conventional zinc backing. Also used for grouting of new machinery or replacing old grouts for making solid and perfect foundation, which resist high load and vibration. It has excellent volumetric stability- no formation of gap between backing and liners or main frame. It is very simple in application-just mix Resin & Hardener and pour into a cavity.