Wonder Fast Metal Repair Coating 999


Wonder Steel Epoxy Putty

Steel-Reinforced Putty. Repaired Rebuild Anything Made of Steel

Economical, non-shrinking steel filled putty for repair and repair and reclamation of worn-out machinery and equipments. Extended pot life of life of putty makers it convenient for larger industrial jobs. It can be machined, drilled or tapped using tungsten carbide cutting tools.

Bearing seat & housing.   Resists Temperatures to 2000 F
Worn out shafts.   Resurfaces and Repairs Defects
Pump casting & Impellers   Reduces Scrap
Blow holes in castings   Machinable
Off line leakages.   Gets Stronger with Heat
Cracked casings & Engine block   Readily Painted or Powder Coated
Sloppy Keyways.   Easy and Safe to Use
Heat Exchangers and Plates  

Non Shrink Properties

Strengthening of thinned section   No Tools Required
Motor end Covers   Permanent Repairs
Piping Ducting Turbines & Boilers   Suitable for Indore & Outdoor

Application Instructions:

For best adhesion, the application surface ust be clean, rough, dry and free from all loose particles, oil, greese, etc., abrade using conventional tools.

Apply thin wet coating of STEEL PUTTY firmly to establish surface contact for entire surface and then build-up required material to the desired surface.