Wonder Wear Resistant Putty
Ceramic filled all purpose epoxy Putty provides repair with high resistance to frictional wear, errosion, cavitation & protection from bimetallic corrosion. Bonds to most metals, ceramic concrete, aluminum, brass, bronze and repairs in tight spots where a fine flowing liquid I required. This item is available in liquid form also.


Repairs in tight spots when a fine flowing putty is needed.

Use on elbows, chutes feeders, pump, catings, ducts, cyclone fans, fans, mill linings, houdings and happers.

Bonds to steel, iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, concrete and some plastics.

Prevents wear on metal surfaces that are exposed to abrasion and erosion, such as valves and pumps

Protects metal from bi-metallic corrosion
Rebuilding shafts & restoring keyways to original dimensions.
Fixing wear resistant moulds.
Excellent for repairing tracing guides.
Protecting flanges, elbows.
Lining pumps and wear faces.
Repairing valve seats and bodies