Wonder Multy Purpose Coating


Wonder Multipurpose Epoxy Putty

High Performance & High Speed Emergency Repairs

Fast Cure Cold Welding Putty For Emergency Repair Jobs. Can be Used For the all Types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for quick, and effective leak sealing applications Used for emergency repairs in critical applications It reduces Shutdown time drastically since it has a very low curing time approximately 10 minutes.


Leaking pipelines, tank, cracked sumps and pans, leaking transformers, capacitor, reactor, tubes, pumps, threaded fittings, radiators & batteries.

How to use: Make the application surface clean, dry and free from dust, rust, oil etc. if the surface to be applied is smooth, roughen with sand-paper for better adhesion. Wear protective eye glasses and hand-gloves whenever necesary. Cut the required quantity of putty stick. Mix the putty homogeneously and the mixture immediately on th surfaces to be bonded. Apply pressure to hold the surface until the adhesive cures.

Health Precaution: Normally, while mixing by hand it does not cause any skin imitation but in some cases with sensitive skins, It may cause imitation or sensitization. In such cases. Wash the hand with plenty of Water and sope and use hand gloves for application. In case of contact with eye, wash with plenty of water and consult physician immediately. While grinding, sanding or drilling, wear protective eye glasses and dust masks. The cured mass of epoxy is generally nontoxic.

Warranty: All matter mentioned in this sheet is reliable and correct to the best our knowledge, but we not accept any liabilities resulting the use of this product. The users should rely on their own information and test to determine the suitability of the product for required For Industrial Use Only