Wonder Super Metal Paste 551

Super Metal Paste 551 is a two component, solvent-free, cold-curing, high performance synthetic metal compound for all mechanical repairs. It has an outstanding adhesion to all metals, ferrous and nonferrous as well as to glass, fiberglass and composites. It can be completely machinable after curing.

Super Metal Paste 551 can be used for all types of mechanical equipment and components such as worn or damaged shaft, oversize bearing housings, cracked casings, distored flange faces, cracked engine blocks, sloppy keyways, scored hydraulic rams, irregular, matting surfaces etc.

The Surface to repair should be thoroughly cleaned and roughened using an angle grinder or similar equipment to ensure a coarse profile. The roughened area should be fully cleaned.

The two components should be thoroughly until completely streak free. The mixed material should be used with 25 minutes of mixing at 20C.

The mixed material should be applied using a trowel / spatula to the prepared area. The mixed material should be pressed firmly onto the prepared area.working the material into any cracks and stippled