Wonder Super Metal Paste 555


Super Metal Paste 555 is an easy, effective, rapid curing metal repair compound, the best material for fast, effective leak sealing repairs, It is an indispensable too-box to all types of machinery and equipment which can back in service with minutes. It Will bond to just any surface making it an Ideal choice for emergency repairs to all types of mechanical equipment.


Super Metal Paste 555 is the best material for fast and effective leak sealing repairs to pipes, tanks, radiators, threaded fittings, ducts, oil pan/sups, casings, transformers etc.


Excessive dirt, oil and grease should first be removed. The surface to be should be thoroughly roughened using an angle grinder or similar equipment to ensure a coarse profile. The roughened area should be fully cleaned.


Measure one volume of base component and one volume of activator component on to a clean mixing board or other suitable surface. The two components should be thoroughly mixed until completely streak free. The material should be used within 5 minutes of mixing at 24C.


The mixed material should be pressed firmly onto the prepared area, working the material into any cracks and surface defects. When required, Reinforce Tape should be stippled into the Super Metal Paste 555 and further materiel has cured for a minimum period of 30 Min. at 24 C sanding. grinding and machining etc. can be carried out using standard engineering practice.

Super Metal Paste 555 10 C 24 C 32 C
Pot Life 10 Min. 05 Min. 03 Min.
Full Cure 4 hrs. 1.5 hrs. 1 hrs.
Compressive Strength 1000 (Kgs / cm2)
Hardness 85 D
Continuous use temp. 200C
Heat Distortion temp. 40C
Corrosion Resistance after No visible signs
(5000 hrs. salt spray)

7000 p.s.i.

Chemical Resistance

Suitable for permanent immersion at 24 C in many chemicals.

Non-sagging paste


Dark Grey

Mixing Ratio Base Activator
By Volume 2 1

CLEAN : Clean tools and equipment with recommended solvents, before material begins to set.