Wonder High Temperature Metal Repair Coating 1008

High Temperature Coating is a Solventless High Build Protective Coating, Possessing exceptional heat resistance properties under ambient cure conditions. This Coating is a designed to stay intact with constant adhesion above 2000 F. This is not intumescent coating but instead a pliable film that reacts to flame. The face of the coating but will glaze during a fire to form a complete protection shield against flame, smoke, gases & heat. High Temperature Coating Ceramic Metallic Coating are used to seal joints and repair Defects In Cast Aluminum, Cast, Iron, Steel & Stainless Steel. Using The Most Advance Organic & Inorganic Ceramic Resin Technologies, these Advanced Materials Resist Temperatures to 2000 F Wonder High Temperature Putty are widespread and found typically in the cement power generation industries.

Recommended Applications

Incinerators Manifolds
Afterburners Molds and Dies
Boilers Ovens

Heat Exchangers

Exhaust Stacks Pumps
Flanges Blowers
Furnaces Piping
Headers Ducting



Product Highlights
Resists Temperatures to 2000 F
Resurfaces and Repairs Defects
Reduces Scrap
Gets Stronger with Heat
Readily Painted or Powder Coated
Easy and Safe to Use
Non Shrink Properties

No Tools Required

Permanent Repairs
Suitable for Indore & Outdoor

Typical Physical Properties

Compressive Strength 950kg / cm2
Tensile Strength 550kg / cm2
Working Time 30 Minutes
Working Cure 2 Hours
Full Cure Time 3 Hours
Colour (Mixed) Grey
Mix Ratio by Volume 1:1